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Transform your NFTs with dynamic intelligence.

Bring to life your own unique NFTs with Evelon’s AI technology.


Your personal AI assistant

The assistant helps you mint, launch, sell and promote your NFTs.

Move beyond mere collectibles and harness practical value from NFTs.

Evelon enables real-world NFT applications in gaming, collectibles, real estate, identity management, and supply chain tracking, transforming digital assets into practical, valuable, and dynamic solutions.


Your personal AI assistant a click away

AI can be used to add dynamic properties to NFTs, enabling them to change over time based on predefined rules or external factors, increasing their utility and value.


Ready for games.

Trade, enhance, and use in-game items across different levels. Utilize our SDKs for easy integration with your game and increase the value of your NFTs.


Intelligence equals value

Dynamic NFTs that evolve over time, providing collectors with a unique and valuable asset.


For Creators

Evelon's platform simplifies the design process, allowing creators to produce unique, dynamic NFTs effortlessly. With AI assistance, even non-artists can generate visually appealing digital art, enabling more creators to enter the NFT space.

The ecosystem behind Evelon

AI Utilization

Evelon's AI-driven approach revolutionizes NFT creation by generating unique, dynamic digital assets. Harnessing AI algorithms to analyze data and identify patterns, Evelon crafts visually captivating and meaningful NFTs, pushing the boundaries of digital art and unlocking a new realm of possibilities.

$EVLN Token

The $EVLN token is the native utility token of Evelon, and it is used to facilitate transactions within the platform. Token holders can use it to access various services and features within the platform, such as generating NFTs, accessing API services, and also for paying Whitelabel solutions.

Empowering creators

Evelon empowers creators by providing a cutting-edge platform that streamlines NFT creation and management. With dynamic, AI-generated NFTs, customizable templates, and seamless integration via SDKs and APIs, artists and developers can unlock new creative opportunities while maintaining full control over their digital assets.

A cross-layer product that utilizes AI and blockchain technology

Evelon is a cross-layer product that utilizes AI and blockchain technology to create Dynamic and unique NFTs with real-world use cases. With Evelon, NFTs can have unique features and properties that change over time, increasing their utility and value. Our platform offers a no-code solution that empowers creators and businesses to easily generate Dynamic NFTs that can be integrated with various applications and platforms using our Evelon APIs.




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